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About Clinical Care

Clinical Care’s full service medical and wellness centers improve the quality of life for each patient through tailored care management with a holistic approach.

Founded in 1997 originally as a Cardiology group known as MBMG, Clinical Care has since transformed into a  value-based, multispeciality medical center with many locations. Through this growth, our team has developed strong relationships with our communities, insurance partners and healthcare partners.

As a top ranked medical care group with 25 centers across Florida, we understand that we must stay one step ahead with the latest technology. Our care teams provide the most advanced medical treatments and innovative technological solutions available. Offering 1,500+ patient services and specialties, we are built to deliver quality healthcare through high patient engagement. 

We believe easy access to healthcare is key to better health outcomes. For this reason, we provide courtesy transportation and meals for our members. Additionally, Clinical Care leverages technology to provide essential communication tools. Telehealth and remote patient monitoring are a few of those tools improving the lives of our patients.

Notably, our exceptional patient-doctor relationships and extensive set of wrap around medical services set us apart from the rest. You can see the impact of this value-based care model in our positive healthcare results and thriving patient base. 

You may have noticed a recent name change. In 2021, our organization officially outgrew the name MBMG, Miami Beach Medical Group. We are very proud of our organization’s roots, care teams, and reputation built over the last few decades as MBMG. After consulting with our patient base, we saw the need for a mission-focused name instead of a location-based name. So the organization took on the name of our latest group to join, Clinical Care, to match our mission. Check out our timeline to learn more about the history and expansion of Clinical Care throughout Florida. We would also like to welcome the Florida Family Care Centers to our team! 

Core Values


We are committed to being the best we can be by placing our patients at the center of everything we do.


Through compassion, dignity, and respect, we serve as a voice for our patients when they need it most.


We act with integrity and accountability to our patients, communities, and each other.


We strive to exceed expectations by delivering the highest quality patient care and services.


To provide high-quality, compassionate care in the communities we serve with a commitment to excellence in all we do.




To be the provider of choice, measured by the quality of the care we deliver, the value we bring, and the experiences we create.


Clinical Care Medical Centers Clinical Team

We Go Beyond
Primary Care

Cardiology services in Clinical Care Medical Centers


Dental services in Clinical Care Medical Centers


Arthritis Management services in Clinical Care Medical Centers

Arthritis Management

Pharmacy services in Clinical Care Medical Centers


Podiatry services in Clinical Care Medical Centers


Home Visits services in Clinical Care Medical Centers

Home Visits

Wellness Center in Clinical Care Medical Centers

Wellness Center

Courtesy Transportation in Clinical Care Medical Centers

Courtesy Transportation

Immediate Medical Attention at Clinical Care Medical Centers

Immediate Medical Attention

The Growing Clinical Care Community

The history and expansion of the Clinical Care organization throughout the years.


Miami Beach, Alton Road First center founded. Miami Beach Medical Group, dba Rodolfo Dumenigo MD PA.


Hialeah East and Westchester become new areas of our expansion in Miami-Dade County

Centros de Artritis and Dolor aquisition to treat arthritis and pain in Seniors.


MBMG reaches Hollywood, FL to expand high-quality care to Broward.


Expansion into Lakeland and Winter Haven


MBMG dedicated senior care expands to Delray Beach, FL

Our unique primary care concept keeps growing through Florida, reaching 8 new neighborhoods that help serve our patients better.


Joining our group: Florida Family Primary Care Centers located in Tampa, FL

The MBMG and Clinical Care Medical Centers teams come together to rebrand as one!