What is Primary Care for Seniors?

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Primary Care for Seniors

What is Primary Care for Seniors?

As you advance in age, it becomes more and more important to stay on top of your health checks. Primary care for Seniors has become a hot topic in recent years as the Senior population has grown. That leaves caretakers and Seniors themselves with lots of questions about what is primary care for Seniors and what should it look like? We’re here to help provide some clarity on the topic.

Preventative Care is at the Core of It All 

First, let’s look at what “primary care” actually means in the medical world. We first see this definition in the mid-1960s as it was used to refer to a medical professional who was a patient’s primary resource for medical advice and counseling. They were employed to ensure all their patient’s medical needs were arranged. That could be arrangements for hospitalizations, specialists, and/or holding their medical care as their sole responsibility.

That isn’t too far off from what we would consider “primary care” today. A more modern definition gives more power to the patient and less direct responsibility to the physician as an individual. Primary care as we know it today looks more like a group of health care physicians there to manage their patient’s overall health. Primary care for seniors is achieved through many healthcare tools. Preventative measures, a strong relationship, and keeping environmental and genetic uniqueness in mind under their care are just a few. 

For Seniors, their primary care should always center around preventative care. Of course, senior healthcare is more than preventive care, but preventive care is at the core of their services. Every time you meet with your primary care doctor, the goals should always be prevention and condition management should any pre-existing conditions exist. It is vital as you age to have a Senior healthcare professional providing advice on the best course of action for your health journey. 

Your Physician Always has a Birds-Eye-View

When deciding to stick with or find a new primary care physician, something else to consider is the level of communication between themselves and your specialists. It is the job of your doctor to communicate between all specialists to gain a holistic view of your health. This is important because it creates a continuum of care that provides a comprehensive range of health services to evolve with you over time. Your health may be most vulnerable during gaps in care, the continuum of care exists to ensure those gaps are filled. This decreases your worry between checkups.

Your Physician Specialized in Senior Care

Sometimes finding a primary doctor is like finding a life partner. You want them to be your perfect fit, so what is our recommendation? Find a primary doctor that focuses on Senior health. This means that they are experts in the care of elderly patients and understand your unique concerns. This can be beneficial to you in the long run because they’ll have a more cohesive understanding of your most common issues like medication management and behavior health. You’ll ultimately save time and energy because you’ll be less likely to be sent to take multiple tests and additional visits to diagnose a potential problem. 

Your Physician Really Knows You

Above all, the most essential part of a primary care physician is having a solid patient-doctor relationship. You and your doctor should see each other often. When this happens, your doctor has a better birds-eye view of your health. Then they can help you make the best healthcare decisions to live your life fully. A strong relationship also gives you the power to make the most realistically beneficial decisions regarding your health goals. 

Senior Primary Care is Accessible

Do you want to have an excellent team caring for you but don’t think you have the means? Healthcare for seniors is more accessible now than ever before, thanks to specialized government programs and other private institutions. Most of the best Senior healthcare doctors are available through Medicare and other fixed-income or government programs. Not sure how to navigate the world of Medicare? Are you not sure about what other programs like ACCESS are available to you? Clinical Care Medical Centers are here to help you transform your healthcare. Contact us today, and we’ll help you get started with the application process in the programs you qualify for!

It’s Not Only Available In Person – Try Telehealth!

At Clinical Care Medical Centers, we understand that going to the doctor in person isn’t always feasible for every patient. If you’re in that boat, don’t worry! Our facilities also cater to the needs of seniors through telehealth and urgent care hotlines. Your needs can be met with the click of a button with Senior healthcare professionals caring for you as a team. To find a primary care doctor near you, contact us today or call 305.534.0076!